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At Dreamzer we know that the best way to find good people is through connections to other good people. We also want to provide professionals with opportunities to profit from both what and who they know. Marrying these two concepts, Dreamzer has developed a unique Referral Commission system to reward users for introducing other smart professionals.

No deposit required to earn!

Dreamzer gives its investors the opportunity to have earnings not only investing but also leading new clients. Provide yourself with stable passive income by taking part in our referral program. Share your unique link and lead new investors on the platform right now and get bonuses from each of their deposits. Every new client who enters the site and registers by following your link brings you an income equal to 6% of the deposit. Furthermore you will receive 1% and 1% from the referrals of the second and third levels of the program — the clients invited by your friends. Everything depends on you, the more new clients, the more income you can get!

How does it work?

Earn by means of the referral income and make money without depositing. On the first level you will have your direct referrals. Users who entered the platform by following your link. They provide you with 6% of the deposits.

  • 1. Get registered: Complete a simple registration form.
  • 2. Get a referral link: The link will in your account after the registration.
  • 3. Share the link: Distribute your referral link. Share it with friends in social media, forums, etc.
  • 4. Get profits: Receive bonuses as a percentage of your referrals’ every deposit amount.