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What is Dreamzer?

Dreamzer is a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries. On every transaction we make, we earn a commission. This commission is what we use to pay interest to our investors. The more funds our investors on the platform invest, the more resources we have to make new contracts with clients.

Our Blockchain Ecosystem has been designed to be self-expanding and effortlessly scalable to support all types of international business operations, ranging from real estate to global commercial trade, with market size of up to 1 trillion USD.

Dreamzer has created an integrated blockchain solution for fast, secure and convenient international business contracting, from creation to execution. Leveraging self-executing smart contracts and decentralized storage of transaction data, it replaces the traditional paper- and trust-based system with a fully digital alternative.

We automate contracting and payment processes, reduce transaction costs, and increase transparency, traceability, and efficiency of cross-border transactions in a wide range of industries.

What does Dreamzer stand for?

Smart Contracts

Automated enforcement of contractual conditions minimizes fraud risk and the need for third party intermediaries, reducing legal fees, arbitration, and other transaction costs. Embedded secure money transfer mechanism and integrated gateway for transactions in both digital and fiat currencies powered by licensed escrow partners.


The risk of the breach of a smart contract is reduced: smart contracts self-execute automatically only if terms and conditions are met. Thus, the frequency of disputes is significantly reduced. Not only does Dreamzer minimize the conditions which lead to disputes, but it also offers time- and cost-efficient smart dispute resolution services instead of lengthy litigation.

Low error rate

Our smart contract solution replaces the obsolete document workflow environment with automated contracting processes and tamper-proof digital record-keeping, thereby reducing error rate and bureaucracy and eliminating much of the paperwork inherent in traditional workflows.


Our blockchain solutions enable data transparency and access to information for all the involved stakeholders, thereby enhancing trust and creating error-free flows of goods and services. The result – accelerated speed of transactions, dramatically reduced transaction costs, and minimized risk of fraud.